Rpt-wal-mart Pays Lawyer Fees For Dozens Of Execs In Bribery Probe

Australia defends raids on E. Timor lawyer and whistleblower

parent, including former chief executive H. Lee Scott Jr., were involved in a decision to stifle an internal inquiry. The story also alleged that Eduardo Castro-Wright, a vice-chairman of Wal-Mart, had been a driving force behind the bribery scheme when he was chief executive of Walmex. Castro-Wright retired soon after the story was published. Scott and Castro-Wright have not commented publicly about the allegations. Sources said the government has directed its attention at senior Wal-Mart executives, but declined to name which executives are targeted. Investigators have also spoken to employees at other levels of the company, two sources said. They and other sources were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter. Prosecutors have also spoken to Wal-Mart executives who have spent time in China and India, one person said.
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Lawyer: Engineer in ‘daze’ before NYC train crash

Attorney Reed Brodsky made the request on behalf of his 77-year-old client, Paul Konigsberg, who was a senior tax partner at the accounting firm Konigsberg Wolf & Co. when prosecutors say he directed others to falsify records to conceal a fraud that cheated thousands of investors out of nearly $20 billion. U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain refused, saying she’ll consider setting one in January after Brodsky has more time to review evidence and consider pretrial motions aimed at eliminating charges in the indictment against Konigsberg. She promised there would be no delay in the trial due to her own busy trial schedule or the commitments of other parties in the case. Swain is currently presiding over the Manhattan trial of five former employees of Madoff’s private investment business. That trial is scheduled to last several months. Brodsky said he was worried about the “difficulty of ensuring we have witnesses with a clear memory” nearly five years after Madoff was arrested and the fraud was revealed. The five-year anniversary Madoff’s arrest is next week. He also said his client suffered from anxiety and he was worried about its effect on Konigsberg’s physical health. Konigsberg, of Greenwich, Conn., has pleaded not guilty to charges that he assisted Madoff since at least the early 1990s.
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Lawyer raided over East Timor case

In an interview with National Transportation Safety Board investigators, attorney houston Jeffrey Chartier said his client William Rockefeller described the nod as similar to road fatigue that often overcomes drivers, the Associated Press reports . Rockefellerwas unsure how long it lasted, before the Metro-North train jumped the tracks after racing into a curve Sunday, going 82 miles per hour in an area where trains are restricted to 30 miles per hour. The accident left four dead and more than 60 injured. Rockefeller told Chartier he recalled coming to an open section of the train when he suddenly felt something wrong. He felt something was not right, and he hit the brakes, Chartier said. He said Rockefeller wasa guy with a stellar record who, I believe, did nothing wrong. (MORE: Engineer on Derailed Train Consciously Asleep: Is That Possible? ) Chartier also told investigators his client went to bed at 8:30 p.m. the night before his 3:30 a.m. shift and received a proper amount of sleep. Federal investigators also said Tuesday that theyve removed a rail employee union from the probe after a union leader spoke to reporters about Rockefellers daze, calling those public comments a breach of confidentiality.
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Lawyer: Fading Memories an Issue in NY Madoff Case

Department of Justice is investigating whether Wal-Mart paid bribes in Mexico to obtain permits to open new stores there, and whether executives covered up an internal inquiry into the payments. The department is also looking into possible misconduct by the world’s largest retailer in Brazil, China and India. In recent months, the U.S. government has brought in a number of senior Wal-Mart executives for questioning, including officials from corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, the sources said. The move, along with widespread publicity about the probe, appears to have prompted executives to seek their own legal representation. The sources declined to name the executives who have submitted to interviews. Wal-Mart confirmed that it is footing the legal bills for executives touched by the corruption probe, but the company declined to give any specifics. While it is common for companies in bribery investigations to cover executives’ legal costs, experts said the large number of attorney houstons hired in the Wal-Mart case suggests prosecutors are aggressively testing information that the company has turned over, and may be considering cases against multiple individuals. “I’ve never heard of that many potential targets of an investigation no matter how big,” said Richard Cassin, an anti-corruption lawyer houston and author of a popular blog on the law at issue, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. “Those numbers suggest DOJ is really digging deep,” he said.
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“There’s such a gross deviation from the norm.” A former supervisor, Michael McLendon, who retired from the railroad about a year ago, called Rockefeller “a stellar employee.” McLendon said he was stunned when he heard about the crash, shortly after opening his mail to find a Christmas card from Rockefeller and his wife. “I said, ‘Well, I can’t imagine Billy making a mistake,'” McLendon said. “Not intentionally, by any stretch of the imagination.” View gallery A train passes by the scene of repair efforts at the site of a train derailment in the Bronx borough University of Dayton professor Steven Harrod, who studies transportation, said trains typically don’t have a speed or cruise control but a power control, and once it’s set a train can pick up speed on its own because of the terrain. “Thus, if the engineer loses attention, the train can gain speed without intervention,” Harrod said. In case of an engineer becoming incapacitated, the train’s front car was equipped with a dead man’s pedal, which must be depressed or the train will automatically slow down. Trains also can have alarms, sometimes called alerters, which sound if the operators’ controls haven’t been moved within a certain timeframe. If an engineer doesn’t respond, often by pressing a button, brakes automatically operate. But the train that derailed didn’t have such a system, a Metro-North spokeswoman said. Congress has ordered commuter and freight railroads to install technology called positive train control, which uses electronics to monitor trains’ positions and speed and stop derailments and other problems, by the end of 2015. Crews are rebuilding the damaged track where Rockefeller’s train crashed.
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Confidence is the Top Trait Consumers Want in a Lawyer According to New Avvo Survey

‘I have instructed ASIO that the material taken into possession is not under any circumstances to be communicated to those conducting those proceedings on behalf of Australia.’ The statement was issued on Tuesday night after lawyer houston Bernard Collaery told the media that people identifying themselves as Australian Security Intelligence Organisation agents raided his office and home in Canberra, taking electronic and paper files. Speaking from The Hague, Mr Collaery said he feared a key witness, a former Australian spy turned whistleblower, also may have been arrested in Canberra. ASIO would not comment on the claims. Mr Collaery is working for East Timor which has accused the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) of secretly recording East Timorese ministers and officials during delicate oil-and-gas negotiations in Dili in 2004 for the Timor Sea resources treaty. East Timor is pursuing international arbitration in The Hague to have the 2006 treaty overturned, a process it launched last December after the Australian government failed to respond to its bugging claims. Mr Collaery said he did not know yet the legal basis upon which the raids took place. But he said the seized documents included evidence of Australia inserting listening devices into the wall of the East Timor government’s cabinet room ahead of the negotiations. ‘I left Australia just 24 hours ago. There was ample opportunity, I am sure, for the warrant to be executed and for the attempt to be made whilst I was in Australia and could handle the situation.’ Mr Collaery called the raid a ‘blatant, disgraceful attempt’ to impede justice being done for East Timor. Father Frank Brennan, a professor of law at the Australian Catholic University, told the media a retired ASIS agent, the whistleblower in East Timor’s case, was detained and questioned in Canberra. Father Brennan did not know if the former spy had been arrested.
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Lawyer Confirms Derailed Train Operator Was In A ‘Daze’

(Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130404/SF88839LOGO ) In addition, the survey indicated that television viewing habits impact how consumers view lawyer houstons. People who watch reality television shows, such as The Kardashians or Real Housewives, are nearly twice as likely to value an aggressive lawyer as they are a realistic one. They also rank the lawyer’s appearance as a consideration in hiring 20% more often than those who do not watch regularly. Two in three consumers who regularly watch television legal dramas, such as The Good Wife or Law & Order, feel that those shows accurately or somewhat accurately reflect the real-life legal profession — more than two times those who do not watch the shows regularly. The Early Bird Wins: Responsiveness is #1 Factor in Choosing a Lawyer Ninety-two percent of consumers in the survey cited responsiveness as a “very important” factor in the hiring of a lawyer, followed by track record (80%), respect in the legal community (67%) and then cost (65%). The least important factors were how active the lawyer houston is in their local community and where he or she went to law school. The survey also revealed that consumers who have not previously hired an attorney houston are more concerned about cost (72% cite cost as “very important”) than those that have hired an attorney houston in the past 5 years (62%). “The cost of hiring a lawyer houston, whether based on reality or perception, is top of mind for people in need of legal help, and likely a leading factor for many in need who decide to go it alone,” said Leigh McMillan, vice president of marketing, Avvo, Inc. “However, when it comes to the decision of which lawyer to hire, other factors, particularly responsiveness, along with track record and respect in the legal community, are decision-drivers more often than cost.” Other Survey Findings Lawyers should not be afraid to ask clients for reviews: 75% of survey respondents had no issue with a lawyer houston asking for an online review when there is a positive outcome. Consumers are evenly split about whether what a lawyer says or does on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, factors into their hiring decision.
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Wal-Mart pays lawyer houston fees for dozens of execs in bribery probe

Timor lawyer and whistleblower By Jane Wardell 5 hours ago 0 shares Done By Jane Wardell SYDNEY (Reuters) – Attorney-General George Brandis said on Wednesday raids by Australia’s domestic spy agency on the Canberra offices of a lawyer representing East Timor over Australian bugging claims were justified on grounds of national security. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) had ordered the search warrants executed on Tuesday on the offices of lawyer houston Bernard Collaery and an unnamed former spy turned whistleblower, Brandis said in a statement. The raids have angered East Timor on the eve of the start of arbitration in The Hague over allegations that the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) bugged East Timorese government offices in Dili during the 2004 negotiations over the maritime boundary between Australia and East Timor and the revenue split from the Greater Sunrise gas fields. East Timor alleges that ASIS, whose spies gather foreign intelligence, breached international law and Timorese sovereignty. Australia’s Woodside Petroleum is contracted to develop the Sunrise LNG plant but is stuck in the middle of the dispute. While Woodside prefers a floating LNG plant, East Timor is pushing for an onshore plant that will provide jobs for locals, leaving the project at a stalemate. Collaery said Tuesday’s raid included the cancelation of the passport of his star witness – the unnamed former spy – making it impossible for the witness to give evidence at The Hague. Brandis said suggestions by Collaery that the search warrants were issued to impede or subvert the arbitration were “rather wild and injudicious.” “Those claims are wrong,” he said in the statement. “The search warrants were issued, on the advice and at the request of ASIO, to protect Australia’s national security.” East Timorese Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao said the raids were “counterproductive and uncooperative,” and called on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to explain the government’s actions and “ensure the safety of our witness for a prompt, just and fair resolution of this important matter.” “Raiding the premises of a legal representative of Timor-Leste and taking such aggressive action against a key witness is unconscionable and unacceptable conduct,” Xanana Gusmao said in a statement.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://news.yahoo.com/australia-defends-raids-e-timor-lawyer-whistleblower-085353793–finance.html


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