Chevron Pollution Case Twist: Ecuadorians Back Away From Their American Lawyer

Lawyer accusing Freddie Aguilar gets death threats

All this was to be expected on the final day of testimony in Chevrons six-weekcivil-racketeering suit against Donziger. The company has accused the plaintiffs lawyer houston of using fabricated evidence and bribes to secure a $19 billion verdict against Chevron in an Ecuadorian court. What wasnt expected yesterday was Piaguajes testimony that he and the other indigenous Ecuadorians represented by Donziger for two decades had limited the Americans role as their lawyer houston last January, in part, because they believed he had failed to account adequately for some $25 million he raised in their name to fight Chevron. Describing a meeting in January in Ecuador at which an indigenous council asked Donziger to explain how he had spent money raised for the contamination case, Piaguaje said the Ecuadorians were dissatisfied by his failure to provide a detailed accounting of how he had spent $25 million he said he had raised since 2010. As a result, Piaguaje added, the council terminated his functions. The Secoya leader explained that, in addition to the differences over accounting, the Ecuadorian council was concerned that Chevrons racketeering suit against Donziger in the U.S. had become a distraction from the pollution litigation in Ecuador. We also took action because of Donzigers attitude, Piaguaje testified. Called as a witness by the U.S.-based legal team defending Donziger and the Ecuadorians in the rainforest, Piaguaje cast a cloud of confusion over the proceedings before U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan. At a different point in his testimony, Piaguaje reiterated that the Ecuadorian plaintiffs had suspended Donziger from his functions. He also said, though, that Donziger remained a lawyer for the Ecuadorian plaintiffs.
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Greenspan said. (Mr. Greenspans brother, lawyer Brian Greenspan, was retained by Mr. Groia during the Bre-X trial and testified at his Law Society disciplinary hearing.) The case dates back to Mr. Groias successful defence of Bre-X Minerals Ltd. geologist John Felderhof, who faced a trial that began in late 2000 on quasi-criminal charges of insider trading and spreading false information. The Bre-X scandal, which rocked Bay Street in the 1990s, involved Indonesian gold-drilling samples that turned out to be fake. Observers say the trials first 70 days were bitter, acrimonious and plagued by delays. Mr. Groia was sharply criticized in court rulings on the Bre-X case for his courtroom sarcasm, invective and guerrilla theatre, and for his repeated attacks on the prosecution. In June, 2012, a Law Society discipline panel found Mr.
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Bre-X lawyer scores partial win

The Federal Court is the only court for a just solution, Block told a Federal Court hearing. The (Canadian Judicial Council) cannot continue this process until it fixes it. A committee of the council is looking into the conduct of Douglas, whose husband uploaded sexually explicit photos of her to the Internet in 2003, when the couple were lawyers at a Winnipeg firm. MORE ON THESTAR.COM A look at cases when judges judge themselves But the inquiry has been mired in procedural delays and court challenges. Last week, the entire committee resigned, saying that was the only way to move forward with what has become one of the lengthiest inquiries in its history. The inquiry has been on hold since July, pending a judicial review of an allegation of bias by Douglas lawyer houston. On Thursday, Block made extensive reference to independent lawyer Guy Pratte, who was leading the inquiry until he abruptly quit in August 2012. Pratte resigned after filing a motion with the Federal Court arguing that the committee hearing the inquiry had overstepped its bounds by becoming involved in a hearing while also presiding over it. Block has asked the Federal Court to quash the inquiry, arguing questioning by the lawyer acting for the committee members was too aggressive and showed bias against Douglas. Pratte had publicly shared those concerns, saying the inquiry committee cannot act as both a referee of the proceedings and an active participant. The complaint against Douglas goes back to 2010, when a man named Alex Chapman filed a complaint with the council, accusing Douglas of sexual harassment.
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B.C. lawyer slams Wally Oppal’s missing women’s report

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Nigella Lawson a ‘habitual criminal,’ says lawyer in theft trial against ex-assistants blaming her

It has serious implications. As per law empowered, we are proceeding without any further delay.” He said when the deadline of 3pm was for Tejpal’s appearance today the police took into account the journey time from Delhi to Panaji. Describing the “seriousness” of the case, Mishra said that it was not too short a time for the accused to reach Goa today. “We will act as per law and proceed without wasting time”, he said. Tejpal withdraws bail plea from Delhi HC Meanwhile, in a change of strategy, Tarun Tejpal, accused of sexual assault against a woman colleague, on Thursday withdrew his bail plea in the Delhi high court, saying he will “approach appropriate court for appropriate remedy”. A day before the high court was to pass order on his bail plea, Tejpal counsel made the plea which was allowed by Justice Sunita Gupta who had on Wednesday reserved her order in the matter. “We told the judge that we are withdrawing it with a liberty to approach appropriate court for appropriate remedy which also includes anticipatory bail and the court allowed our plea,” advocate Sandeep Kapur, appearing for Tejpal, said. Fearing arrest by Goa Police in connection with the case, Tejpal had approached the high court seeking either anticipatory or transit bail. Amidst speculation that Tejpal might approach the Supreme Court, his wife, daughter and some close friends were seen in the apex court in the morning along with his counsel Geeta Luthra and Kapur. Kapur, however, said that Tejpal is not planning to move the apex court in the matter.
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Tarun Tejpal to appear before Goa Police tomorrow, his lawyer houston says

lawyer who represented a victimas family at the Missing Womenas inquiry has produced a stinging legal paper slamming Commissioner Wally Oppalas year-old report. In a presentation Monday to an audience of lawyers and judges a including Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin a Darrell Roberts said the review of the police handling of Robert Picktonas serial killings was a afailure of major proportions.a He said the former attorney houston general and B.C. Court of Appeal justice failed to address a key element in his 2010 mandate a findings of fact about the conduct of the police investigations. aOppal called his report, The Forsaken,a Roberts said. aHe did the forsaking.a In future, he recommended the Attorney Generalas office supervise such inquiries to ensure they do what they are intended to do. aSince all of the missing and murdered women were from Vancouveras Downtown Eastside and were picked up while engaged in the sex trade on the east side streets and transported elsewhere (to Picktonas property in Coquitlam), one might have expected that a major focus if not the focus of the inquiry and the commissioneras findings of fact in The Forsaken would be the conduct of the VPD in their police investigations,a Roberts said in his 60-page paper. aHowever, this is not the case. The commissioner neither made it a major focus of The Forsaken, nor made any findings of fact as to the crime or crimes the VPD investigated or ought to have investigated in the disappearance of the missing women, or of the VPD conduct in relation to such failed investigations.a The Vancouver litigator, who is preparing to argue two separate cases before the Supreme Court of Canada, maintained the $10-million commission was aa huge underachievement.a Roberts contended Oppal accepted without proper scrutiny the police departmentas internal review prepared by Deputy Chief Doug LePard. aBut, the facts, as well as the purpose and main terms of reference in the inquiry order, cries out for the inquiry to address what the VPD did or did not do in Vancouver in investigating the disappearance and murder of the missing women,a he insisted.
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Lori Douglas: Case of judge whose nude photos posted on the web needs judicial review, says lawyer houston

They contend the 53-year-old foodie has an insatiable appetite for cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs and that she got stoned every day for more than a decade while she was married to tycoon Charles Saatchi . Judge Robin Johnson said she would allow lawyers to grill Lawson about her alleged drug use. That was a potentially career-ending blow to Lawson, who denies she is a junkie. RELATED: NIGELLA LAWSON ABUSED DRUGS FOR YEARS, FORMER ASSISTANTS CLAIM IN COURT Ben Cawthra/ Italian Sisters Elisabetta (l.) and Francesca Grillo do not dispute taking lavish vacations and buying high-end clothes at tycoon Charles Saatchis expense. ABC is now considering whether to invite her back for a third season as a judge on The Taste, a competitive reality TV cooking show, the Daily News reported earlier. It was also a sweet revenge for 70-year-old Saatchi, who was branded a wife abuser in June after he was photographed with his hands around Lawsons neck at a London restaurant. The Grillo girls are accused of using credit cards from Saatchis firm Conraco Partnership to take lavish vacations and fill their closets with designer clothes and other luxuries. RELATED: NIGELLA LAWSON, CHARLES SAATCHI GRANTED PRELIMINARY DIVORCE Alan Chapman/FilmMagic Saatchi was branded a wife abuser when he was photographed with his hands around Lawson’s neck in June. Elisabetta, 41, and Francesca, 34, do not dispute living high on the hog on Saatchis dime. But they contend there was a tacit understanding with Lawson. The defendants case is that Nigella Lawson lied to her ex-husband about her drug use and the expenditure incurred by the defendants, their lawyer, Anthony Metzer, said.
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