Attorney: School Principal Reported Abuse Claims

Newtown school shooter was obsessed with Columbine High School attack, no motive found: state attorney

Chris Tritico, an attorney for Rosales-Motola, as well as Gary Tabakman, Thomsons lawyer houston, have declined to comment on the case. John Belk, Leivas attorney, did not immediately return a call Tuesday. Rosales-Motola and Thomson appeared in court this week. Gasparello and Leiva are set to be in court on Dec. 4. Gasparellos attorney houston, high-profile Houston criminal defense lawyer houston Rusty Hardin, said in a statement Tuesday that the principal quickly began investigating the claims against the teacher and made sure the teacher was not alone with students and that the students parents were informed. When he had some idea of the facts involved, he reported these cases to his superiors within roughly 72 hours with the belief they would notify law enforcement, Hardin said. With regard to the allegations made by the female student, Gasparello immediately told the girls mother about the claims and made sure the mother and victim reported this to police, Hardin said. But Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said last week that reporting such allegations to an employer is not sufficient notification. Your duty is to repot to a law enforcement agency or to Childrens Protective Services, not to anyone you work for, she said. Hardin said that the accusations against the principal paint him in a false light and that his client looked into the incidents and took swift action. The spirit of this law was to be used against people who hide abuse allegations not against people who take them seriously and act immediately like Mr.
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Attorney: Woman in Ricin Case Could Face 18 Years

The Connecticut officials report also offered sickening new insight into the relationship between Lanza and his divorced mom, who taught her son how to shoot. Lanza had few friends growing up, and there had been reports of him being bullied. In recent years, he cut off all contact with his father and older brother. AP Lanza’s first shots attracted the attention of Principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach and teacher Natalie Hammond. He killed Hochsprung and Sherlach, but only wounded Hammond. The mother took care of all of the shooters needs, the report states. The mother indicated that she did not work because of her sons condition. She worried about what would happen to the shooter if anything happened to her. Nancy Lanza waited on her son hand and foot, the report revealed. HANDOUT/Reuters Nancy Lanza was the first to be killed by her son. Investigators found her with four gunshot wounds to her head.
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McDonnell talks mental health, attorney general’s race

Belardine, whose house authorities said was the scene of the underage drinking party that preceded the rape last summer, faces several misdemeanor charges, including making a false statement and contributing to underage alcohol consumption. Belardine will plead not guilty, said Columbus attorney houston Brian Duncan. Fluharty was charged with failing to report possible child abuse in August 2012. Columbus attorney houston Tom Tyack said he had been contacted to represent Fluharty but could not comment. Gorman is charged with failing to report possible child abuse in April 2012. Her attorney, Stephen LaMatrice, said she will plead not guilty and the charge isn’t connected to the football players’ case, but he declined to elaborate. State law in Ohio requires a lengthy list of public and private workers including school administrators, teachers and employees to immediately report suspected cases of abuse or neglect. “If you’re covered, you have to know what the law says and do what it says,” said Hollie Reedy, chief legal counsel for the Ohio School Boards Association. DeWine announced the grand jury’s creation March 17, the day a judge convicted Ma’Lik Richmond and Trent Mays of digitally penetrating the West Virginia girl after an alcohol-fueled party that followed a team scrimmage.
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New Steubenville Charges Can Help Community, Attorney General Says

“Shannon is anxious to admit her role in ordering the components to make the ricin, her role in the letters that contained the ricin, and to tell the government who else was involved in those offenses,” Curry said. Curry did not say more about Richardson’s possible motives or whom she might name. A plea hearing is scheduled for Dec. 10. Before her arrest in June, prosecutors say Richardson an actress tried to frame her now-estranged husband for mailing the letters containing ricin, a powdery substance that can cause respiratory failure if inhaled. The letter to Obama, according to a federal indictment, said: “What’s in this letter is nothing compared to what ive got in store for you mr president.” An FBI affidavit filed in the case says Richardson first contacted authorities to implicate Nathan Richardson in the scheme, but later failed a polygraph exam and had inconsistencies in her statements to authorities. Shannon Richardson, who had minor roles in the television series “The Walking Dead” and the movie “The Blind Side,” later admitted she mailed the letters but maintained her husband made her do it, according to the affidavit. Prosecutors last week filed a notice that a plea agreement had been reached. A spokeswoman for the U.S.
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Young dancer Sandra Rothova from Slovakia competes in the preliminaries of the World Show Dance Championships in Riesa, Germany, Monday, Nov.25, 2013. Some 3,000 dancers from 31 countries will compete for the world champion titles in show dance and tap dance.  (AP Photo/Hendrik Schmidt/dpa)

McDonnell said Monday one option could be extending that time window from four hours to possibly six or eight hours. “We’re going to do everything we can to analyze the cause of this, whether there were violations of protocols, whether there need to be changed to the lawsall those things are being looked at,” McDonnell said. “If I were him, absolutely” Switching to politics, the outgoing Governor was asked whether Republican state Sen. Mark Obenshain should request a recount after the Virginia Board of Elections certified Monday the November 5 election results. The results showed Democratic state Sen. Mark Herring won by far less than 1% of the total vote, meaning Obenshain can ask for a recount. “If I were him, absolutely,” McDonnell said, on whether Obenshain should make the request. Obenshain has until December 5 to make a decision. McDonnell also found himself in a close attorney general’s race in 2005, when he narrowly defeated Deeds, the Democratic candidate, in a recount. “I feel for both of the candidates,” McDonnell said.
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